Petróleos Sudamericanos Colombia searches for knowledge of the social and cultural conditions of the social environment from the planning of all projects and their phases. This helps us to develop the strategies that best allow us to carry on operations according to the social context, always respecting local culture and traditions, thus guiding a culture of responsible operation with neighboring communities.


In the area of community relations, PS Colombia acts in accordance with current Colombian regulations, besides engaging in a mutually beneficial relationship through dialogue, both with the community and with the local, regional and national government entities.


We also care for the area of the local community through directly applying these following programs:

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Socioeconomic characterization of the environment
To know and update information related to the environment (Socioeconomic and cultural characterization, population dynamics).

Strategic Communication
To provide information on the activities carried out by the company in the different areas of operation.

Management of contractors
To ensure adequate performance in terms of social responsibility of our contractors.

Management of local opportunities
To manage the adequate and coherent development of regional potentialities and their implementation through the company's projects in a relation of generation of value for both parties.

Community Development
To participate in the development of territories and communities, through the identification of local initiatives and in combination with the development strategies established by territorial authorities.

Our Commitment

PETRÓLEOS SUDAMERICANOS is a company committed to the Sustainable Development Principle, understood as the combination between the economic growth and the environmental protection.

Visión integral

Environmental Dimension

Environmental Dimension Safety and Health at Work is the discipline that combines the prevention of injuries and diseases caused by working conditions, and the protection and promotion of the health of the labor force. At Petróleos Sudamericanos Colombia we take care of improving the work conditions and environment, which entails the promotion and maintenance of physical, mental and social well-being of the workers in all the positions of the company.

Petróleos Sudamericanos - Conocenos


At Petróleos Sudamericanos Colombia we develop and implement a Management System in Industrial Safety, Occupational Health and the Environment with our goal being to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control the risks and impacts that may affect the safety, the health and the environment in which the company develops its operations.

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All the functional levels of Petróleos Sudamericanos Colombia are responsible for leading and ensuring their working team fits the definition and fulfillment of objectives and goals of HSE, achieved through proper planning, development of safe practice, offering the best personal example and the appliance of our corporate values.

The activities of the operation in Colombia mostly corresponds to a logical sequence that must be established and ensures the incorporation of the goals of HSE, with enough preparation to respond to the possible changes. To achieve this we have established requirements, politics, alignments, strategies, objectives and programs of the HSE-CR, which is applicable to the different processes of the organization, in order to standardize and implement mechanisms for the development of skills for the staff; as well as the infrastructure, standards and work environments suitable for the successful development of the different projects.

Responsible exploitation of natural resources
To provide a rationally and controlled use of the renewable natural resources necessary to the development of their activities within the current legal frames, and the mechanisms of compensation for their use.

Risk management
Activities must be planned and executed in a way that the operational integrity (people, equipment, environment, material and processes) is of vital importance and has maximum priority above any other objective of the operation at any of its phases, with the purpose to prevent, mitigate, compensate and to control the risks and impacts, taking into account the own changes of the organization.

Evaluation and constant improvement
The company performs a follow-up, measuring and constant optimization of its processes and elaborates strategies of redirection of them based on the lessons learned. Also this carries through practices that lead to a better adaptation for change and ensures the high quality of its operations and projects.

Implementation, monitoring and checking
The company executes the HSE activities just as they were planned in all the processes of the organization, and we make interventions, controls, and follow-ups to make sure of the quality of their processes, operations and projects. Besides that it makes sure that these processes are contributing to the fulfilment of the applicable regulations and that the ensuring group of HSD is adding value to the enterprise itself.

Commitment, responsibility and organization
Petróleos Sudamericanos is responsible for the co-ordination and general supervision of all the activities that take place at the work site, including the activities executed by its employees, contractors, sub-contractors, service companies, providers and visitors.

Social Responsability

The Company works in a transparent and responsible manner with its social environment, and participates in programs that strengthen the regional vocation by collaborating in: project management, entrepreneurship and training based on the action plans framed in Environmental Impact Studies.


Only donations or direct contributions are made in case of an emergency or a natural disaster in which the contribution helps directly to the mitigation of a social or environmental impact beyond the commitments in its Environmental Management Plans, with the approval of the Senior Management of South American Petroleum.


There is no assistance that depends on the communities that we work in at Petróleos Sudamericanos or towards our sector.