The presence of PS Energy in the neuquen basin has existed for more than 25 years, we acquired the Centro Este and Loma Montosa Oeste fields in 1990 and 1991, respectively. With an operation focused in the secondary recovery, PS Energy operates a total production of 1500 barrels daily.

Centro Este

The Centro Este Area is located in the territory of the Provence of Río Negro, occupying a surface of 347 Km².
Within the area there are 14 fields situated there, including the most important which are; Centro Este, Meseta Alta, Divisadero Catriel, Planicie Morada and Señal Centro.
The productive formations of hydrocarbons under production today are Fm. Centenario and Fm. Quintuco, with depths that reach from 800 to 1.200 mbbp.
The crude produced answers to the typification “Medanito” and it’s conditioned in proper facilities being delivered in Puerto Rosales – Bahía Blanca Prov. of Buenos Aires. The free gas produced is utilized for the consumption of their own facilities.

In the Area, a total of 120 wells have been drilled since its discovery have been producing, until now, approximately 2.5 MMm3.


The levels of continental sandstones, belonging to the Fm. Centenario represent the hydrocarbon reservoirs. The Fm. Quintuco, composed of sandstones and calcareous sandstones has also registered an important oil production accompanied by water. The main production of Quintuco is Gas.

Loma Montosa Oeste

The Loma Montosa Oeste Area is located on the border between the provinces of Río Negro and Neuquén, as an add-on to the Centro Este Area, occupying an approximate area of 217 Km2. Oil production is transported to the Centro Este Area, where it is conditioned next to the oil for sale in the future.


The reservoir consists of quartz sandstones, well selected, with excellent petrophysical characteristics; being the entrapment related to the structural position that the productive horizon is at, and the distribution of its permeable levels.

The productive formations are Centenario (level above 800 mbbp), Fms. Quintuco and Fm. Tordillo, at 1.720 mbbp.

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