The company

Petróleos Sudamericanos Energy is an energy company with more than 25 years of existence, developing exploration activities of gas and oil production, with operations in Argentina and Colombia.


PS Energy focuses its activities in the conventional way exploring mature and/or newly discovered fields by applying the best technologies of primary and secondary recovery, based upon high standards of operation. All of our operations are completed under the fulfillment of laws of Health, Industrial Security, Environment, and Community Relations of the countries where we operate. In order to meet these requirements, the company keeps an Integrated Management System for all of our operations, regardless of their location; it is based upon the adaptation of International Regulations to the local legislation of the area where we operate.

Petróleos Sudamericanos - La compañía
Petróleos Sudamericanos - Misión

Our Mission

To be an energy enterprise of vanguard centralized in the business of oil and gas, acknowledged by its operational excellence and responsibility towards its workers and the environment in which it’s developing.


Our mission is to provide of energy
to the dreams of everybody.

Petróleos Sudamericanos - Misión

Our Values

Our entrepreneurial spirit is present in each of the employees of the company. In PS Energy, we identify opportunities where others can’t see them and we are always able to imagine the future in the present. Our capability to reinvent ourselves impels us to develop our activity in several countries and different environments making this company big and strong.


We work together with our teams to achieve success. We focus our day to day with a positive attitude facing with perseverance and good mood the challenges that are presented to us. We make an effort to innovate and reach excellence surpassing the expectations of our stakeholders.